A Trip to Billingsgate Island

On October 8, 2004 Sandy and I and our two yellow labs, Maisey & Jasper, took our skiff out to the "island" just before low tide for a picnic and shellfish dig. The dogs love to explore. Billingsgate is just barely covered at high tide but 'rises' 8-10 feet out of the water at low tide.Billingsgate Island, Wellfleet, MA

There is history to be found detailing the little town of Billingsgate that sprang up on the island when it was truly an island several hundred years ago. The sands eroded and washed out into 'flats' and 'shoals' and the lighthouse and homes on the island were transported ashore to Eastham and Wellfleet. Today the "island" is mainly known as a navigation hazard and a picnic and shellfishing destination. The shoals around Billingsgate are known for excellent striped bass fishing.

The view on the left looks West toward Cape Cod Bay. The view below looks Northwest toward Great Island.

Billingsgate Island looking toward Great Island, Wellfleet, MA  



Below is the remaining rock foundation of the lighthouse.

Billingsgate Island lighthouse foundation

We had a nice picnic lunch and dug up a few dozen huge steamer clams and cherrystone hardshell clams before pushing off for home.

Picnic on Billingsgate Island              My skiff anchored at Billingsgate

Dick "Oysterman" Nicholson

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